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She cannot sleep for fear of dreams
That haunt her tired heavy head
So lies awake and tangles sheets
Locked in her prison of a bed
The thoughts that whirl behind her eyes
Scare her to death (or so it's said)
Each failed hope leaves her fragile mind
Full to the brim with senseless dread
Ghostly whispers force her to walk
The same old paths she'd always tread
Closing eyes rubbed red and raw
She waits in vain for limbs of lead
As the curtain falls on her eerie stage
Of dreams that haunt her restless head
:iconblue-notebook:Blue-Notebook 2 2
Flat slabs make perfect grips.
Sharp points make perfect steps.
They tell you not to look down,
And that's exactly why you do.
It looks like a clean, easy drop.
You can feel the air rushing through you,
The rocks rising to meet you in a smooth, soft caress.
Your hands loosen,
And you wonder what it's like.
You feel nothing,
And so you feel everything.
Steady now, count the heartbeats.
:iconblue-notebook:Blue-Notebook 2 2
ID by Blue-Notebook ID :iconblue-notebook:Blue-Notebook 0 0
Sleepless Villanelle
When trouble slumbers I lie awake
In the teasing patterns of a dreamlike mist
And I search for the start of my fatal mistake
WIth red-rimmed eyes I yearn to break
The imposing walls of the moonlight-kissed
When trouble slumbers I lie awake
My bones clench and instinctively shake
My shoulders hunch as my thoughts slowly twist
And I search for the start of my fatal mistake
I cry a river through a frozen lake
Fingernails bite in a white-knuckled fist
When trouble slumbers I lie awake
Trying to live through an eternal ache
With dizzying doubts of a snow-pale wrist
And I search for the start of my fatal mistake
I spread my wings for my own sake
And dance with the pulse of the love I have missed
When trouble slumbers I lie awake
And I search for the start of my fatal mistake
:iconblue-notebook:Blue-Notebook 0 1
Washington Heartbeats
The face at the starting line at last turns towards my own, and I will my hands to refrain from clenching with my stomach. I nod slightly in confirmation; I can go now (do I have to?), I am ready (will I fail?).
The leather reins are stiff and rough in my shaking grasp, the horse beneath me suddenly a stranger as he dances from side to side, and I hold my breath in anticipation.
I glance once more towards the timer. My mouth asks if I may start, my eyes plead for rescue from imminent terror. The answering affirmation forces me to at last look up, past the blurred white poles, past the haphazardly scattered clumps of horses, to the somehow comfortingly distant line of trees.
I lean right, relax my hands, tense my legs, and feel the leap forwards before it happens. Sand disappears underneath me as the last pole speeds closer and closer. I twist my shoulders in response to muffled cries of "Look!" from the sidelines, and the combined entity of human and horse wraps smoothly around the pol
:iconblue-notebook:Blue-Notebook 1 9
You feel what you feel, and nothing can change that.
Say you're afraid. Afraid of things that will come, and more afraid of things that have passed. Arms might comfort, words might soothe, one foot will always go in front of the other, but you will still be afraid.
Say you're unhappy. Your lips might smile, you might force your eyes to gaze up and out instead of down, the sun might be shining, the sky might be blue, but you will still be unhappy.
Say you're in pain. Undeniable, crippling pain. Your hands might be held steady, your scars might fade, time will undoubtedly pass, but you will still be in pain.
Say you're in love. It might scare you. It might make you unhappy. It might cause you pain.
But you will still be in love.
:iconblue-notebook:Blue-Notebook 1 4
One bar is loneliness, two bars are strife
Three bars are the twisted pull of a clean cold knife
Four bars bend with the forced attempts of hope
Five bars offer five impulsive ways to cope
Six bars shudder with the weight of the world
Seven bars shine the light of broken dreams unfurled
Eight bars murmur I pray the Lord my soul to take
Nine bars scream the thoughts behind each mistake
The shivering wraith in the shadows makes ten
As every bar longs for the suffering to end
:iconblue-notebook:Blue-Notebook 6 3
Every face is faked
Every laugh is learned
Every smile hides a sob
Every tear takes its toll
Every answer is an ache
Every wince was once a war
Every stumble leaves a scar
Every mark has a message
:iconblue-notebook:Blue-Notebook 2 19
The Bloodhound
Frost-coated leaves, fragile with age
Waltz uselessly in the buffeting wind.
His thin, sad frame shaking with the effort
Of slowly forcing his cracked paws forward,
He at last heaves a loud, ragged sigh
And lets his body creak to the ground.
I fold into a ball next to his massive, drooping head
The icy cement numbing my denim-covered knees,
And I knead my fingers into his thick, patchy fur
The leaves spiral into frozen dirt
And lie glacier-still
:iconblue-notebook:Blue-Notebook 2 2
47 winces.
47 strikes.
47 dashed hopes.
47 silent fights.
47 wishes.
47 tears cried.
47 clenched fists.
47 mistakes to hide.
47 heartaches.
47 drops.
47 smile fakes.
47... stops.
:iconblue-notebook:Blue-Notebook 1 2
Lithe white fingers twirl into messy black mane
And she swings up
Landing in a tangled cascade of lanky limbs and blonde hair
As the chocolate-brown horse beneath her dances on light hooves
A deep breath
And they're galloping through the sand with reckless abandon
The echoes of thunderous strides and her joyous laugh
Trailing out behind them like a bride's ethereal veil
And I raise a hand in an unseen farewell
:iconblue-notebook:Blue-Notebook 9 11




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